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The Nation's Weather for Friday, January 15, 2021



A potent storm will generate a large area of steady snow in

Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin tomorrow. Strong winds will

whip the snow around, causing reduced visibility. Snow

showers are also expected in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and

Michigan. However, winds will not be as gusty as farther

west. In warmer air farther east, rain will start the day

before colder air arrives and the rain changes to snow in

Ohio and far western Pennsylvania. A spotty afternoon rain

shower will dampen eastern South Carolina, southern Georgia

and the eastern Florida Panhandle and northern Florida

Peninsula. Light rain will fall in the morning in western

Washington. The Southwest will be dry and sunny, and record

highs could be challenged in some locations.


No new information for this time period.


No new information for this time period.


National High Thursday 89 at Camarillo, CA

National Low Thursday -19 at Daniel, WY


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