The closing line of the popular movie, Field of Dreams, "Hey, Dad, wanna have a catch," will take a sensitive turn soon in downtown New Milford.

The New Milford Express U15 youth baseball team, its families and friends will borrow from that famous movie line while stage a community event on the Village Green.

The Express players and likely many others will engage in a planned 48-hour marathon game of catch on a roped off area on the south end of the Green.

The Mother's Day weekend event will be held Friday, May 10 from 5 p.m. to Sunday at 6 p.m., including overnight sessions enhanced by lighting to be set up for the occasion.

"In the event of rain, we will us pop up tents for cover," said Dan Olson, an Express coach who is organizing the event.

Donations would be accepted in advance and a bucket will be set up on the Green to accept donations during the "game."

Proceeds will benefit the Express, with a portion to be donated to the American Cancer Society for its fight against breast cancer.

Participants will attempt to set a world record for the longest game of catch, although Olson admits he's not certain what the record might be, if it even exists.

"We will probably not reach out to the Guinness Book of World Records people until after we do this," he noted.

"We will use the Major League Baseball pink-stitched, pink-printed ball that will be used in every major league stadium on Mother's Day," reported Olson.

Express participants, including players, parents and siblings, will wear pink T-shirts sporting the event's name: "Hey, Mom, Wanna Have A Catch?"

The back of the shirts will include sponsors.

Olson expects no shortage of volunteers to participate, especially with a possible world record at stake.

"There are almost 1,000 kids playing baseball in New Milford," he said. "There a lot of people who would love to becoming a world record holder. We hope to have hundreds of different participants."

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Norm Cummings