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You can buy a refurbished MacBook for less than a brand-new iPad

To misquote Big & Rich, "Save a buck, buy a laptop."

Refurbished Apple MacBooks at Woot!

Refurbished Apple MacBooks at Woot!


When it comes to refurbished electronics, most of us turn up our noses. “Why would I buy someone’s pre-owned junk,” we ask, “when I can just go into a small amount of debt and get some brand-new junk of my own?” It’s a natural reaction, yet if you look past it you can find some legitimately great deals on lightly used products you desperately wanted (but couldn’t afford) a few years ago.

Case in point: Woot.com is offering refurbished MacBook Pro and Air laptops, many of which you can pick up for less than it costs to buy a brand-new iPad.

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This isn’t hyperbole! A new iPad Pro starts at $799, and you can get a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, four USB-C ports, and a 2.9GHz processor for $739.99. The MacBook even comes with a case!

Yes, you might be one of the rare people for whom a new iPad Pro is the more logical choice despite the increased price. Maybe you’re a graphic designer in an iPad commercial. For the rest of us though, a slightly older laptop is the better buy by far.