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Apple's newest iPad is now selling for its lowest price ever

$299 buys you a hell of a tablet these days.

32GB 8th generation iPad for $299.

32GB 8th generation iPad for $299.


Unless you’re still living in 2010, you’re probably not asking yourself what an iPad is for anymore. A decade of successful sales and innovation has revealed an endless litany of use cases for Apple’s iconic line of tablets, from bingeing Netflix on the go to taking photos of the Mona Lisa and blocking everyone else’s view.

Since we’re no longer arguing about the usefulness of an iPad, all we have left to discuss is the price -- and now that you can get a 32GB 8th generation iPad for $299, that seems like an open and shut case as well.

New Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Space Gray (Latest Model, 8th Generation) - amazon.com

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Whether you opt for Silver, Gold, or Space Grey, the latest iPad model features Apple’s powerful A12 bionic processor, which provides remarkably smooth performance and optimized battery life that can last you all day without breaking a sweat. That’s good news, considering that the App Store is packed with more apps than ever that take advantage of the iPad’s 10.2 inch display, from games to educational experiences.

Considering that the original 32GB iPad cost $599 when it first launched, you’re basically paying half price for a device that’s exponentially more powerful. Pick up a cheap fast charger while you’re at it, and you’ll be ready for anything.