Juniors and seniors at Wamogo Regional High School in Litchfield, which includes students from Warren, are working on creating a startup company as part of their E-Commerce Entrepreneurship class.

The class aims to help young adults aged 15-21 find jobs in the state's northwest corner.

The students have developed a unique website -- http://empirejobs.weebly.com -- intended to provide job descriptions, company profiles and job listings.

"Creating a website that provides important job information will help young people find a job they are comfortable in," said Zachary Pavelec, the senior who conceived the idea for Empire Jobs. "We hope our local businesses will benefit by receiving hardworking employees."

Students have taken the idea to Litchfield-area businesses for their endorsement.

Litchfield Locker and Mohawk Mountain have supported the proposed company's overall mission and business model.

"Finding that first job can be extremely difficult if you have no resume or work experience," Pavelec said. "Empire Jobs will give guidance to young adults."

The students feel such a service is necessary and valuable to the area, emphasizing how it will help create a positive balance between youth and the business community.

The teens will take their business proposal before a panel of judges from the Center for 21st Century Skills at Wamogo's Mini-Expo on Tuesday.

If they perform well there, they will advance to the Skills21 Expo June 6 at the XL Center in Hartford.