A troupe of young dancers from the Greater New Milford area paid a visit recently to "Madam Secretary."

Seventeen girls representing Starr Jeffreys' Starr's Studio of Dance in Kent participated on the CBS TV show.

Drawing on her connections in New York City, Jeffreys was able to gain waivers for her students into the Screen Actors Guild, or SAG-AFTRA.

Most of the girls appeared as soccer players on the show.

Kathrine Kerzer, the daughter of "Madam Secretary" actor Tea Leoni, performed as the goalkeeper for the other local girls' opposing team.

Two other girls were featured as high school students perched in the stands with Leoni, supporting their team.

Most of the girls sported New Milford Soccer Club jerseys for the filming.

"What an amazing experience for all of these kids to get their first of three waivers to begin their journey to join the guild," Jeffreys said.

The "Madam Secretary" episode is expected to air in November.