The scene appeared to be horrific.

Badly damaged cars, bodies strewn around the scene and apparent blood splattered everywhere.

Fortunately for those involved, this was not the real thing.

Instead, it was a graphic demonstration of what distracted driving can do, played out April 28 at New Milford High School for the high school's junior class.

In earlier times, such dramatizations might have been focused on the outcome of drinking or excessive speed.

Today, texting was said to have led to a mock tragedy.

Members of Students Against Destructive Driving -- who sponsored the event --played the lead roles in the mock accident.

On hand to lend their aid and assist in the demonstration were many of New Milford first responders -- police, fire and ambulance -- offering their services to show how a real rescue and recovery mission would have unfolded.

Michael Duffy

Photography by Michael Duffy