Four times a year, students at John Pettibone School in New Milford engage in a D.R.E.A.M. (Drop Everything And Move) event.

The children jog, walk, skip and gallop for 20 minutes along a 500-foot "track."

The number of laps completed is written down with a goal for participants to improve their own personal best at each successive DREAM event.

Each child starts the year with a key chain holding a "toe token." A bead is added to the chain for participating and another bead for surpassing his/her previous lap count.

Children are also encouraged to practice laps during recess in order to improve fitness level.

To motivate the students for the year's final event in May, a "Lap Dog Week" was invented. To prepare students, staff members from each grade level and their dogs visited during recess time to lead the children in lap practices.

Participants included Cynthia Cotter and "Lily," Amber Scalzo and "Molly," Debbie Williams and "Bogey," Nicole Ciarcia and "Lucy," Carrie Hills and "Nashika," Rae Latterman and "Ginger," Tara Ionatti and "Jax," Heather Badaracco and "Hersey," Virginia Mooney and "Bailey" and "Clancy," Kate Wilson and "Nicho and "Turismo," and Jose Serrano and "Berney."