Gunnery cites students with high academics

The Gunnery has honored students from the Greater New Milford area who achieved honors, high honors, denoted with an asterisk, or dean's list, denoted with two asterisks, for the 2008-09 academic year.

Each student's class is indicated in parentheses:

Zachary Stein of Bridgewater ('09); Zoey Greco* of Kent ('09); Chris Schwartz ('11) and Kevin Tarsa** ('09) of New Milford; Colin Loyd of New Preston ('10); Brandon Lundie of Roxbury ('10); Edwin Pequignot Jr. of Kent* ('09); Ian Engelberger ('09) and Karen Layman* ('09) of Warren; and Charlotte Carew-Miller* ('12), John Charles ('11), Christina Cornell ('09), Nicholas Cornell* ('09) and Margaret Theobald ('09) of Washington.