Nobody could have foreseen eight snow days in the New Milford public schools district.

Yet even if the snow may be done for the season, the effects it has caused will last all the way through June.

After so many missed days of school, something had to be done to accommodate the year's schedule.

The Board of Education voted earlier this month to postpone the New Milford High School graduation ceremony seven days to June 25.

Senior class president Dan Orcutt now has concerns about how his family will be able attend the ceremony.

"For my family, my sister is in Florida and my mom is looking to change the flights," he said, "but it's just not easy."

"It's getting late," he remarked, "and it's just unfortunate for families that have to have family fly in."

The actual graduation ceremony is not the only thing to be impacted. The annual Grad Party is a highlight for seniors. With everything else up in the air, what will happen to grad night?

"[The Grad Party committee] put a lot of planning into grad night," said Mr. Orcutt. "Now that it's pushed back a week, it's going to be difficult getting it all worked out. I'm just worried some stuff may be left out."

The later date may not be favorable to everyone, but it is understandable.

The Board of Education must prepare for everything, said board chairman Wendy Faulenbach, who explained she and her fellow members looked over the options and decided the one-week postponement to be the best one.

"Maybe it is inconvenient, but we're doing the best we can based on the weather," she said.

If there were to be more snow days, schools could go no farther into summer than June 24. Any snow days needed after that would come out of April break, said Superintendent of Schools JeanAnn Paddyfote.

A shortened spring break and a later graduation may cause another wave of discontent but, in a year with so many days off, what other option might there be?

"Most of the other seniors are really angry," said Dan Orcutt. "The best part of the year is getting up to graduation and now it's a whole week later... people are just unhappy about it."

In the end, however, the show must go on, whether it's June 18 or June 25.

Claire Burch is a junior at New Milford High School. Nanci Hutson contributed to this story.