Gifted students from the Devereux Glenholme School in Washington recently were active in a collaborative effort to support the Litchfield County community.

Called All Aboard Litchfield County, the project combined the efforts of 38 area organizations

with the goal to encourage tourism and to build a strong sense of community.

Proceeds of the project will benefit KidsPlay Museum and the Northwest Connecticut Chamber Education Foundation.

Forty-one train engines and cabooses have been sponsored and transformed from blank white fiberglass-polyester resin forms into individual artistic masterpieces -- each with its own story.

Glenholme's train, which depicts several area landscapes and is aptly dubbed for its depictions, is stationed at Marty's Cafe in Washington Depot.

The completed trains are displayed across Litchfield County through October.

During that time, interested parties can enjoy a "Ticket to Ride" scavenger hunt. Visit all the trains, mark down their names on the entry form and qualify for prizes.

An auction will be conducted Nov. 1 at KidsPlay Annex in Torrington to give train enthusiasts a chance to purchase one of the trains.

The Glenholme visual arts program is an essential part of the school's offerings. All Aboard Litchfield County dovetails with Glenholme's arts, character values and community service efforts.

The school also participated in the 2007 Northwest Connecticut Chamber Education Foundation collaboration, which organized a similar fundraiser with fiberglass bears.

Glenholme was among those to purchase a bear, which remains on campus for the school community to enjoy.

For information about All Aboard Litchfield County, visit