Shepaug Valley High School presented the following academic awards to its students at a June 16 ceremony:

Students who earned high honors all year (grade 9): Emily Deanne, Kathryn DeWitte, Jessica Dumas, James Freeland, Lucas Guliano, William Heyne, Justin Isaac, Peyton Kay, Emma Landegren, Hanna Landegren, Mia Landegren, Bridget McCarthy, Kevin Pratt, Ellery Rourk, Benjamin Steers, McKayla Sturges, Emily Svenningsen, Kelley Swenson, Oliver Taylor.

Students who earned high honors all year (grade 10): Catherine Alexander, Shannon Bartkus, Gina DeMeo, James Donovan, Melinda Fragomeli, Brittany Hartman, Jennifer Isaac, Lindsay Isaac, Edward Kelly, Colleen Koslosky, Jeffrey Lewis, Sarah Paisley, Nichole Parzuchowski, Kathryn Paul, Andrew Stern.

Students who earned high honors all year (grade 11): Tarryn Bartkus, Lillian Bogue, Jordan Butler, Aimee Cowan, Aidan Galligan, Gregory Harris, Callie Huber, Eric Hungerford, Elizabeth Kleisner, Alexis Lopriore, James O'Donnell, Christine Putnam, Mirriah Rebillard, Jesse Steinmetz, Cooper Swenson, Kelly Voelpel.

Students who earned high honors all year (grade 12): Alison Carini.Nicole Deanne, Christina Dumas, Nicholas Gueniat, Charlotte McConaghy, Aimee Reutzel, Marina Scanlon, Kimberly Ann Seeger, Nichole Souza, Catherine Wolk, Megan Woodruff.

Strong academic committment credits: Alison Carini.

English: Emma Cava (outstanding commitment to learning), Nicole Deanne (unique and penetrating insights into world literature), Alison Carini (extraordinary enthusiasm in the pursuit of the art of writing), Marina Scanlon (seriousness of purpose, thoughtfulness and Accomplishment), Stacy Sullivan (evolution of ideas and improvement in the art of writing), Bruna Pires (English language learner).

Social studies: Megan Woodruff (DAR Good Citizenship Award), Samian Roy (DAR Outstanding Student in American History), Michael Piersall (achievement and involvement in social studies), Catherine Wolk (achievement and involvement in history), Aimee Cowan (University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award and the Aaward in the humanities and social sciences).

World language: Alexandria Bierce and Emma Cava (accomplishment and dedication in French), Luis Garcia (excellence in Spanish).

Fine arts: Emma Cava (Connecticut Association of Schools Arts Award), Aimee Reutzel, Taylor Walsh (excellence in drawing), Everett O'Reilly-Narciso (excellence in drawing and painting), John Shusdock (excellence in chorus), Jesse Steinmetz (excellence in band), Oliver Taylor (excellence in strings), Emma Cava (best actress), Blaze Silvernail and Dalton Silvernail (The Yin/Yang Award), Michael Josefson (Technical Wizardry Award), Lindsay Walsh (Needle and Thread Award).

Career and technology: Kimberly Pepper (excellence in wood tech), Evan Corrigan and Edward Kelly (excellence in CADD), Kiera Lee Cloutier (excellence in photography), Alessandro Criollo (excellence in graphic technology), Janine Parker (Arthur M. Scoville Business Award), Samian Roy (Richard Tyler Horrigan Excellence in Architectural Drawing Award).

Technology: Samian Roy and Mariah Walsh (outstanding achievement in computer technology).

Physical education: Kirby Peters (outstanding Student in grade 9 program), Brittany Hartman (outstanding student in grade 10-11 program).

Mathematics: Lucas Guliano (grade 9), Andrew Stern (grade 10), Aimee Cowan (grade 11), Alison Carini (grade 12), all for excellence in math achievement and commitment; Joseph Freeland (grades 9-10), Joseph Guliano (grades 11-12), for American Mathematics Competitions.

Science: Aimee Cowan (Bausch & Lomb Award), Aidan Galligan (Rensselaer Math & Science Award), Alison Carini (Outstanding Senior Science Award), Christina Dumas (Senior Science Scholastic Award).

President's Education Awards: Alison Carini, Emma Cava, Nicole Deanne, Christina Dumas, Charlotte McConaghy, Aimee Reutzel, arina Scanlon, Catherine Wolk, Megan Woodruff (for outstanding academic excellence), Luis Garcia, Nichole Souza (for outstanding academic achievement).

Special awards

Litchfield County Superintendents' awards: Jesse Steinmetz, Megan Woodruff.

CABE Student Leadership Award: Charlotte McConaghy, Samian Roy.

Litchfield Bancorp Scholarship: Luis Garcia.

Washington Business Association: Connor Fairbairn.

Scholar Athlete Award: Christina Dumas, Samian Roy.

Harold A. Anson Award: Morgan McCarthy.

Theodore C. Alex Award: Aimee Reutzel.

Russell Sage Award: Alana Crumrine.

Harvard Club of Southern Connecticut Award: Matthew Griffith.

Harvard Radcliff Club of Northern Connecticut: Aimee Cowan.

St. Mark's Church Award: Andrew Catania.

Curtiss T. Woodruff Award: Kimberly Seeger.

Smith Club Book Award: Alexis Lopriore

Washington Fire Department Ladies' Auxiliary Award: Kara Linder, Megan Woodruff.

Friends of the Roxbury Library Citizenship Award: Michael Josefson, Allison Pratt.

Lois Marsh Memorial Award -- SVEA: Nichole Souza.

Shepaug Youth Association: Patrick O'Brien, Amanda Walsh.

High School Heroes Scholarship: Luis Garcia.

American Legion Good Citizen: Casey Cable.

Dr. Rose & Dr. Justin Ahamad Humanitarian Award: Nicholas Velseboer.

The Friends of Burnham Library A. J. Murphy Jr. Award: Kevin Wolfe.

Washington Volunteer Fire Department Award: Julie Elwood, Evan Wright.

St. Michael's College Book Award: Rosemary Galinski, Jesse Steinmetz.

Victor & Maxine Persbacker Community Service Award: K.D. MacDonald.

League of Women Voters of Litchfield County: Nichole Deanne.

Yale Book Club Award: Aidan Galligan.

Wellesley Book Award: Elizabeth Kleisner.

Washington Citizen Scholarship Foundation -- Art: Lindsay Walsh.

PSAT/NMSQT Commended Student: Emma Cava.

Governor's Scholar semi-finalist, outstanding achievement: Aimee Cowan.

Eugene M. Horrigan Senior Project Award: Luis Garcia.

National Honor Society present members: Alexandria Bierce, Alison Carini, Emma Cava, Nicole Deanne, Kathryn Droessler, Christina Dumas, Luis Garcia, Nicole Hartman, Charlotte McConaghy, Samantha Metcalf, Megan Piersall, Michael Piersall, Samian Roy, Aimee Reutzel, Marina Scanlon, Kimberly Seeger, Nichole Souza, Stacy Sullivan, Nicholas Velseboer, Amanda Walsh, Catherine Wolk, Megan Woodruff.

National Honor Society newly elected members: Tarryn Bartkus, Lillian Bogue, Aimee Cowan, Alana Crumrine, Jamie Davenport, Patrick Firmender, Rosemary Galinski, Aidan Galligan, Matthew Griffith, Joseph Guliano, Gregory Harris, Callie Huber, Eric Hungerford, Elizabeth Kleisner, Alexis Lopriore, K.D. MacDonald, James O'Donnell, Bruna Pires, Linnea Quist, Mirriah Rebillard, Jesse Steinmetz, Cooper Swenson, Kelly Voelpel, Emily Zibell.

Honors for 2009-10 senior project: Alison Carini, Christina Dumas, Luis Garcia, Nicholas Gueniat, K.D. MacDonald, Samian Roy, Nichole Souza, Megan Woodruff.

Excellence for 2009-10 senior project: Emma Cava, Nicole Deanne, Courtney Gillen, Nicole Hartman, Charlotte McConaghy, Patrick O'Brien, Megan Piersall, Michael Piersall, Aimee Reutzel, Bonnie Rossiter, Marina Scanlon, Amanda Walsh, Mariah Walsh, Catherine Wolk.