Moving can be tough and the enormity of it can often be underestimated, especially when a seller typically has so many things on their mind leading up to the closing date.

I recommend setting up a moving plan prior to listing your home. Premature you think? Not really, even when you don’t know how long it will take to sell your property, there is always work to be done toward a move whether it’s one month or one-year away.

What most people have the hardest time going through and getting rid of are papers and items in the attic, basement and garage. With papers, whether legal, banking or personal, it will take a big chunk of time to figure out what to keep and how to carefully discard the rest.

The attic can be daunting and back breaking to clear out. Do you even know what’s up there? It’s never, ever too early to assess and if it’s more than you can manage yourself, get help.

The basement and garage tend to have an overabundance of stuff that can be hard to dispose of too. It can be difficult to find a place to bring hazardous waste, including paint, cleaners, gas cans, batteries, etc. If you don’t size these items up early on and look into your town’s drop-off dates, they may be costly to remove.

Getting started is often the hardest part. Getting a moving company in early to give you price quotes and options such as doing the packing yourself or having them do it, can be a motivator. Looking around at your belongings with a price-tag on them can give some clarity as to what to want to bring, store, sell, donate or toss.

I can attest that being ahead of the moving game can alleviate a tremendous amount of stress and save money too.

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