In the race for attorney general, Republican and political newcomer Sue Hatfield dramatically outspent her Democratic opponent in September, dumping over half a million dollars into advertising.

Hatfield, a state prosecutor from Pomfret, spent $580,110 in September, campaign finance reports filed Wednesday show, and has another $7,500 in unpaid expenses. She cut a $305,000 check for broadcast and cable airtime for her commercials and spent $175,000 on digital marketing for advertising that will continue into October.

“Sue is going up against a career politician,” said Spencer Rubin, Hatfield’s spokesman. “She has a great campaign message and we are trying to get it out there.”

In contrast, Democrat William Tong, a Stamford state representative, spent only $73,040 from Sept. 10-30, with nearly $20,000 in unpaid expenses, filings show. His biggest check in that time was $37,000 for polling, but he has previously paid for TV commercials. Tong has more than $750,000 left for the last four weeks before election day.

Both Tong and Hatfield are using $812,550 in public grants to fund their campaigns.

Miller waits for money

In the state comptroller’s race, Republican Kurt Miller is still waiting to be awarded a public financing grant. As of Monday, his campaign had less than $6,000 left, filings show.

Miller, first selectman of Seymour, did not raise the $76,600 needed to qualify for a public grant until Sept. 10.

Miller’s late application for the grant meant that he is only eligible for $609,412.50 in public aid. Democratic incumbent Kevin Lembo — who qualified in June — received more than $800,000 in August.

“We are confident of being approved for the Citizens’ Elections Program at the commission’s next regularly scheduled meeting,” Miller said.

Lembo spent nearly $50,000 on polls in September, as well as thousands on consulting, according to finance reports. Miller could only spend a few thousand on wages and palm cards in that time.; Twitter: @emiliemunson