Wonders why there hasn't been a vote on the library expansion

To the Editor:

I happened to be in the library with my small grandson a couple weeks ago.

I was both delighted and distressed by the overflow of young parents and children.

As a former library board member, I am thrilled so many people use the library.

From a practical point, it's not good.

My grandson was overwhelmed and we could barely move around all the people, let alone find books.

The checkout lines were long and, frankly, I was relieved when we finally made it outside.

Clearly the library is very popular and clearly the present structure doesn't work anymore.

What isn't clear is why haven't the voters had an opportunity to vote on the library addition?

Joyce Hermonat's letter published in the July 11, 2009 issue of the Spectrum raised a lot of questions and the voters are entitled to some answers from the mayor.

Sally Rinehart

New Milford