Who's your favorite NASCAR driver?

Many of you already know I'm a huge NASCAR fan.

I have my favorite drivers, just like many of you do. Very few people who watch racing don't have a favorite.

But I'm wondering what drives us to like one driver better than another.

Is it the driving style, personality, attitude or maybe aggressiveness?

It's probably a little of all the above.

Every year the Chex Most Popular Driver Award is handed out in December.

It's presented by the National Motor Sports Press Association, sponsored by Hamburger Helper.

It started back in 1956 and since then 17 different drivers have won the award.

It's the only NASCAR award the fans get to vote on.

If you want to participate, register to vote at www.chexmostpopulardriver.com. You can vote once a day.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has won the award the past eight years in a row.

He's currently leading the pack with the most votes this year.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. was voted most popular driver only one time and that was in 2001, the same year he was killed in a crash in Daytona.

Bill Elliott has won the award 16 times. He eventually had his named removed from the list of eligible drivers so someone else would have a chance to win it.

Bill Elliott, Richard Petty, Bobby Allison and Dale Jr. have all won the award six or more times.

Much to my surprise, Jeff Gordon has never won the most popular driver award. He's currently second, so maybe he has a shot at it this year.

Looking down the road, what names would you like to see engraved on the trophy?

My crystal ball says Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Joey Lagono and even bad Brad Keselowski are names to watch for.

And who knows, maybe even Trevor Bayne some day. We just don't know what the future holds for him in his young racing career.

It could get interesting. Stand by.

The Sprint Cup guys are in Bristol on Sunday at 1 p.m. on FOX.