Now that there are only four races left in NASCAR's Chase, who do you think will win the championship?

I believe Jimmie Johnson will win his fifth consecutive title, although Denny Hamlin is only six points back right now.

I have said many times I'm not a fan of the Chase format, but we are stuck with it for now.

NASCAR is talking about making rule changes to the Chase format for next year, and I'm really hoping it does.

The first thing I want to see is, at the end of regular season, the leader in points be given bonus points for leading.

The top 12 drivers in points now make the Chase and NASCAR resets the field for those guys.

Everyone starts with 5,000 points. Then they add bonus points a driver has earned. If a driver were to make the Chase, they would get 10 additional bonus points for each win.

A driver can earn 185 points for winning the race, five bonus points for leading a lap and five bonus points for leading the most laps.

At the end of this year's regular season, Kevin Harvick was leading the points.

He has three wins so far this year so he started with 5,030 points.

Yet he was dropped to third because Jimmie Johnson has five wins, earning 50 bonus points, and Denny Hamlin has six wins for 60 bonus points.

So, Hamlin started the Chase in first with 5,060 and Johnson is second. I just don't think that's fair.

NASCAR should give the regular season points leader 50 or even 100 bonus points going into the Chase.

I also believe they should change tracks they race on during the Chase because most of them are Johnson's best tracks.

This weekend, the Sprint Cup guys are racing at Talladega (Dega). That's the only race of the remaining four that might be a problem for Johnson.

He's not great at Dega and race fans know anything can happen to any driver at any time at that track.

And think about this: they're racing at Dega on Halloween. That's scary.

The Sprint Cup race will be Sunday at 1 p.m.

Enjoy the race, and Happy Halloween.