To the Editor:

Much has been written in local press recently regarding a second Freedom of Information (FOI) complaint in Washington.

As you may know, this complaint alleges Washington elected officials failed to follow open-government practices required by state law in their selection of the First Selectman's son as tenant-caretaker for the town-owned beach house on Lake Waramaug at a monthly rent of $500.

We believe this incident reflects poor judgment on the part of our elected officials as it appears that, in violation of the state's Freedom of Information Act, there was inadequate public notice of the selection process or a public record of how it worked behind closed doors.

We also believe the case raises legitimate questions about the need for an ethics code, which, once in place, could guide local elected officials when making decisions.

We maintain neither party holds the monopoly on good governance and, therefore, it is the responsibility of all of us -- Democrats, Republicans and Independents -- to hold each other accountable.

In this spirit, we look forward to working with the Washington Republican Town Committee and others in seeking ways to assure that incidents like this don't happen again.

Kerry O'Toole,

Andy Shapiro,

Helen Gray

and Frances Owles

Executive Board

Democratic Town Committee