To the Editor:

We as responsible adults have to look for ways to cut expenses and do without things that we would like to have if they would fit into our budget.

It's time we put a stop to "Business As Usual" and vote for change that reduces our tax burden and leaves us more to care for our families. Do it for the kids.

In times like these, when unemployment is at record highs and job security is a thing of the past, we as taxpayers should demand all levels of government be frugal with our money.

The average working parent can't go to his employer every year when expenses increase and expect a salary increase to cover them.

We need to consider the current job market for the unemployed who still are expected to pay their property taxes.

WFSB News (Channel 3) felt it was important enough last month to report a job fair to fill 35 full and part-time positions at a state thrift store.

Do you think positions like these would enable parents or singles to meet financial burdens?

Therefore, don't allow property taxes to increase every year. We should demand changes in our education system that would reduce cost while providing world class education.

Instead, ranks the United States fourth in spending per primary-school student while a UNICEF study puts South Korea and Japan in first and second place on best school list with the United States near the bottom.

Surveys in the past have concluded that pouring more money into a failed system is a waste.

We need to demand teacher tenure be eliminated so their performance can be reviewed each year to determine if they should continue educating our children.

We should explore the use of technology as a way to reduce cost while improving the quality of our education.

An example would be video conferencing in which the best teachers would be educating all of our children equally in all schools.

This way only teacher's aids would be required in the classrooms.

I strongly disagree with New Milford's Director of Finance, Ray Jankowski, and his statement "this town doesn't have a spending problem. We have a revenue problem."

When you spend more than you have it's a problem.

When you vote in increase every year the only beneficiaries are municipal and educational employees who receive salary and benefit increases, while the private sector compensation stagnates or decreases.

Eventually our children inherit this ever-increasing tax burden.

It's time to say we've had enough. Vote no.

Do it for the children.

Everett A. Pierce Jr.