To the Editor:

In Washington this year we have no race for the office of first selectman.

Consequently, much of the attention has moved to the races for zoning board.

I will be voting for Republican nominees, Gary Fitzherbert and Ray Reich, because our town needs a more common sense approach to zoning regulation.

The Democrats have endorsed incumbent Republican Valerie Friedman as one of their nominees in what has been portrayed as a Republican snub.

The selling of Ms. Friedman by local Democrats as the aggrieved party in this race is less than convincing.

Ms. Friedman had every opportunity to be endorsed at the Republican caucus. She did not attend nor did she have anyone to nominate her for the seat.

Regardless of how long one serves in elective office, he or she shouldn't take it for granted that a nomination is assured.

For all the praise that she has received in print for her passion and work ethic this seemingly casual approach to the nominating process certainly runs counter to that image.

With Ray Reich to join Gary Fitzherbert on zoning, it will help bring a more sensible, unbiased approach to this vital process.

Allowing a more reasoned approach to property owner rights will not automatically mean that our town will become home to fast food franchises, strip malls or acres of pavement.

No disrespect to New Milford or other neighboring towns, but Washington won't turn into them if Gary and Ray are elected.

I urge all Washington electors to vote for Gary Fitzherbert and Ray Reich, our longtime and caring neighbors.

Janet Wildman