To the Editor:

As chairman of Washington's inlands wetlands commission, I appreciate commissioners who take their role seriously.

Serving on a land-use commission, when done properly, is hard work.

Commissioners need to know the regulations, to attend ongoing education to stay current with changes in land-use law, and to apply the regulations impartially, as state statutes require.

It can be difficult and stressful. And it takes a strong commissioner to base his or her vote on the regulations, despite enormous pressure to the contrary.

Valerie Friedman is a strong, dedicated zoning commissioner and has been serving with great credit to the town for 11 years.

She understands her decision must be based on the regulations, and not on her personal feelings about an application.

She reviews every application to determine whether it complies with the zoning regulations. If it complies, it must be approved. If it does not, it must be denied. That is the law.

Towns change by incremental steps, so it is important to stay vigilant to keep the town ahead of threats to the fragile quality of life that we all treasure.

Valerie understands regulations need to change to stay ahead of these threats. She initiates thoughtful changes to regulations when necessary to preserve the rural character that makes our area so attractive and properties so valuable.

Last month, Valerie and I attended an all-day, land-use seminar. She did not have to devote a Saturday to enhance her knowledge but she did so this Saturday as she has done many times before.

This is the person I want working to protect our town.

I urge you to re-elect Valerie Friedman to serve on the zoning commission when you vote Nov. 3.

Tony Bedini