To the Editor:

My name is Twist and I am eleven years old.

Oh, and by the way, I am a dog. I should also tell you that I've had epilepsy since I was four years old.

When I was six years old, my Mom and Dad got me a little brother. His name is Rocky and, although he is a lot smaller than me, he acts tough.

Sometimes he growls at me and bites me, but I know he's only playing, so I let him have his fun.

Anyway, when we moved to New Milford in 2004, my Dad had to find a new veterinarian in the area for me. It was very important to find a really good doctor because of my epilepsy.

For a few months we drove to my old doctor far away. Then, a couple of months after we moved, I had four seizures in one day.

So, after the fourth one, at around 11 0 o'clock at night, my dad found a local veterinarian in the phone book who was on call twenty-four hours.

He left a message for this new doctor and he called us back right away. He talked with my Dad for ten or fifteen minutes, and I wasn't even his patient yet.

That was really nice of him, don't you think?

Well, after that phone call, my Dad took me to meet this new doctor. His name is Dr. Michael Gorra of Aspetuck Animal Hospital in Marble Dale.

We really liked Dr. Mike and his animal hospital and we have been going there ever since. Dr. Gorra takes care of my little brother, Rocky, too.

Everybody there is so nice to us. The girls who work there love to play with me when I come in. And you should see how clean the place is and it smells good, too. It's the cleanest animal hospital that I have ever seen.

I never had four seizures in one day again but I still had more the we would have liked.

So Dr. Mike suggested I see a new doctor at his office named Dr. Trish Grinnell. She knows a lot about Eastern medicine and natural remedies and thought we might give that a try.

Well, you're not going to believe this, but Dr. Trish is just as nice as Dr. Mike and she really knows her stuff, too. Actually, my Dad says that she is my angel.

She takes such good care of us. She even put me on a special, home-cooked diet. She did all the research, put together a special menu just for me and told my Mom what to cook. It tastes much better than dog food.

Dr. Trish is always doing extra stuff for me and, even though I take up a lot of her time, she doesn't charge my Dad a lot of money.

Thank you, Dr. Trish, for all that you do for me. Boy, it sure is nice to have my own angel.

With love, Twist

and Alan Dinho

New Milford