[The following is an open letter to residents and businesses of the town of New Milford from Michael Crespan, the town's health director.]

New Milford residents and business owners and/or managers:

This is to inform you that the New Milford Health Department is interested in offering H1N1 vaccinations to your eligible employees, their associates and family members.

Until recently, the eligible priority groups for receiving the H1N1 vaccine did not include most adults. However the priority groups have now been revised to include adults 25 to 64 years of age with high risk medical conditions.

See below for a list of the high-risk medical conditions.

The type of vaccine that is available is the inactivated, injectable H1N1 influenza vaccine. This vaccine contains a preservative called thimerosal to keep it free from germs. If you have any questions about the vaccine, it is recommended that you call your primary care provider.

Vaccination clinics are being scheduled regularly and people are asked to call the New Milford Health Department at 860-355-6035 for an appointment at an upcoming clinic.

Registration forms are available at the New Milford Health Department website at www.newmilfordhealth.org.

It is recommended people bring the completed form with them to a clinic after scheduling an appointment. This will help to save time.

In accordance with direction from the Connecticut Department of Public Health, at this time with regard to adults, local health departments may only offer the H1N1 vaccine to people with high-risk medical conditions.

The term "high-risk medical conditions" refers to people who may have any of the following chronic or long-term health issues: asthma, blood disorder, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, immune disorder, kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, neurological disease.

If you have any questions, please also call the New Milford Health Department.

Michael A. Crespan

Director of Health

Town of New Milford