To the Editor:

On Halloween day, the Maxx Teen Center was full of superheroes, gorillas, knights and princesses celebrating Halloween at the second annual Halloween party for family and friends of children and teens with special needs.

More than seventy people attended this festive event, sponsored by the Connecticut Family Support Network and the New Milford Youth Agency.

Children and their families participated in a costume parade, party games, delicious food and socializing.

It was a wonderful chance for these families to relax and have fun together.

The Youth Agency and the Family Support Network would like to say thank you to the families who attended and contributed refreshments, and to the many teen volunteers who helped make this event such a huge success.

Thanks to Sean Fugardi, Becky Schaefer, Katrina Haught, Rachel Schaefer, Hannah Albright, Michaela Morrissey, Katie Foley, Dylan McIlvean, Briana Bentam, Jacob Scott, April Kenny and Trevor King.

A special thanks to Alexis Ortiz, who did an amazing job as caterer and D.J. for the event, and to Ashley Figueiredo and Lilly Pereira who were tireless and enthusiastic kitchen assistants.

Thank you.

Laura Cleary

Alison Zaccagnini

Stacey Kabasakalian

New Milford Youth Agency

Alice Butwell

CT Family Support Network