Thanks to Troop 58 for enlarging playground

To the Editor:

Recently, after much planning and effort, Tommy Gaynor, an Eagle Scout candidate from Troop 158, organized, planned and, with the help of numerous people and businesses, enlarged one of the playyards at The Education Center (a child care center, preschool, and before/after school facility) located in the New Milford United Methodist Church.

A marvelous team effort accomplished this work in record time.

We would like to thank the following people for their time, and dedicated work:

Tommy Gaynor and the members of Troop 158, their parents, friends and relatives, Mike Piper, C.J. Norcross, John Murphy, Kevin Murphy, Darren Piper, Kyle Conrad, Chris Sweet, John Sweet, Brian McDonald and Cooper Dreyfus.

Since this was such a massive project there were numerous congregation members who worked many long hours, and we would like to thank Pete DelMastro, Ryan DelMastro, Tom Nixon, Gene Parsons, Jan Parson, Art Putnam, Kimber Malinowski, Heather Morin, Anthony Morin, Christian Scillitoe, Rob Scillitoe, Regina Scillitoe and Anna Scillitoe.

Tommy was able to involve his family and friends: Earl Williams, George Turco, Chelsea Turco, Jacque Gaynor, Gabby Gaynor, Tom Gaynor and Bill Light, to help with the project.

There were many local businesses who contributed goods or donations to this endeavor, and we would like to show our appreciation to them also.

Thank you, H.H. Taylor & Son, Ring's End, Silvestri Fencing, Union Savings Bank, First National Bank of Litchfield, Webster Bank, and Dave Chevrette from Gault.

We want you all to know how much fun the children who attend The Education Center are having on the newly expanded and improved playyard.

Charmaine S. Wood


The Education Center

United Methodist Church

New Milford