Thankful for gifts for Morning Star seniors

To the Editor:

On behalf of the management, staff and residents of Morning Star, we would like to express, through this letter, our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the kindness and generosity to the following individuals and businesses who showered our residents during the holiday season with bright smiles and wonderful gifts. There's no doubt everyone enjoyed the gifts, your presence and your visit. There are many individuals, organizations and businesses to thank for their continuing acts of kindness for our senior citizens at a time of year that it is most appreciated. Special thanks to the following:

Kent Park and Recreation, headed by Lesly Ferris and Joyce Kearns; Kent Social Services, headed by Jerilyn Tiso; Millstone Cafe owner John Cummins and co-worker Amanda Nelson; Kent businesses, organizations and associations; and all private individuals who donated their time, gifts and care.

Brian and

Audrey Gulian

Morning Star

Residential Care Home