To the Editor:

What perfect weather!

We hope you were one of the thousands of people who came to New Milford's Fourth of July village center festivities.

From the VFW Color Guard, Curtis T Band, Woman's Club of Greater New Milford birthday cake, Webster Bank free ice cream, New Milford Lions Club carnival, to the finale of colorful fireworks made the perfect combination for a fun-filled event.

The Village Center Organization (VCO) would like to thank the many people who supported New Milford's July 3 downtown celebration and fireworks display for America's birthday.

Many of the local businesses involved in the VCO spent hours making the festivities a reality for downtown New Milford.

Special thanks to the members of Water Witch Hose Co No. 2, and fire marshal Karen Facey, who were on site all day long.

It took help from many town agencies and people, and we cannot forget the contributions of money needed to do this large undertaking.

Even though we had a minimum display, we are grateful for the donations from businesses, institutions, corporations, foundations and individual people who gave money to "get the bill paid."

Without them, we would not have had any July 4 celebration.

With the decline of support the committee experienced this year, and using the VCO reserve money, next year's celebration may not be possible.

If you see Jayson, Denise, Pat or Lennie around town, say hi and say thank you for a fun and patriotic evening.

Also, thank the Lions Club for its $1,000 donation for the firework deposit money every year, which they work hard to raise at the carnival each year.

So many people worked hard to get this accomplished.

Remember, without the VCO sponsoring this event, it would not have happened for the last seven years.

The hard work is all worthwhile when you see families with children having a fantastic time.

And, yes, we would like donations, to help pay off our final firework expenses.

Please mhecks payable to NM Charitable Fund or VCO, c/o Lennie's Flower Shop, 14 Elm St., New Milford, CT 06776.

The VCO has great hopes of providing many fun-filled, future VCO sponsored downtown events.

See you there.

Lennie Lillis

Denise Del Mastro


Jayson Roberts


Pat Hembrook

Vice president

Vince Nolan


Bonnie Blackman


Village Center Organization

New Milford