To the Editor:

My fellow citizens of New Milford, I looked over the budget very carefully this year and I am really amazed at the outrageous requests that the Board of Education is asking us to pay this year.

I don't know how many taxpayers took the time to look over the 109 pages of tabulated garbage but I did and am speaking out so they won't go unnoticed again this year, like they did last year.

They are getting so bold and brazen they remind me of the herd of Democrats in Washington, D.C., running rampant and spending money they don't have like it's going out of style.

They are destroying our great nation and this is the way the Board of Education is traveling.

If the Board of Education is not put into check and become accountable for the needless spending, this town will be doing the very same thing as Kansas City and Detroit -- shutting down schools.

Mark my words. It will happen.

For the school's facilities department, why do we have to spend $76,4270 more for fuel when we haven't even consumed the requested amount given for the last several years?

Why do we have to spend $13,2150 more for gasoline we have not comsumed all of in previous years?

On the capital budget, why do we have to spend $49,335 for data projector ceiling mounts in the schools? What is wrong with a $125 overhead viewer?

Why do we have to spend $58,558 for 37 mimio XL portable/whiteboards? What is wrong with dry erase boards and the good old blackboards anyway?

Why do we have to spend $29,200 for mobile labs -- 25 units for one school anyway? Why do we even need one, period?

Why do we need to spend $76,000 for 100 computers for the school district?

Why do we have to spend all this money in non-beneficial things for the school system when the population of the schools has dropped 9.42 percent, or 298 students, from 2000-2001 to 2010-2011?

I do not disagree with any of the salaries teachers are getting. They are earning every cent they are getting but I believe they are being deprived of critical information and cannot teach the children if they are not free to proceed in the proper direction.

I get pains in my face and nauseated at the salaries some overpaid people are getting.

The Superintendent of Schools's salary is $167,475. I am at a total loss trying to figure how she deserves this type of a salary.

In addition to this, she receives $500 per month gas allowance to drive around to schools and meetings pertaining to the schools. Hard as I try, I could not spend $500 per month on gas unless I wasted it.

I don't live in Southington. I live in New MIlford, so maybe that's where the gas money is being used, to travel back and forth from home to school.

If the citizens of New Milford pass this budget in May and allow (more) taxes for poor people, fixed-income people and low-income people who are all struggling with the ruptured economy then I feel sorry for them because they know but know not that they know.

Remember, waste not, want not.

Citizens of New Milford, it's up to you. You will have to live with your choice here.

Jeffrey B. McBreairty

New Milford