To the Editor:

In response to Rick Levy's recent letter touting the Democrats as having been "Good stewards of Kent's finances," which he says occurred "after 14 years of Democratic leadership," it should be noted that history belies those statements.

During the 14 years with a Democrat as first selectman, Republicans held the majority on the board of selectmen for eight of those years when much was accomplished.

Republican Selectman Nancy O'Dea-Wyrick chaired the school renovation, which came in "on time and under budget."

Nancy also served on the firehouse building committee, supplying financial updates and project summaries at every meeting.

Republican Selectman Dan Soule spearheaded the drive for an updated transfer station, and for better cell tower service for the Fire Department and the town.

Faced with the resident trooper problem, the two Democratic selectmen chose to cut their budget by simply cutting the program, against Republican Selectman Vince LaFontan's suggestions to work out an agreement with the police barracks.

Republicans led the charge to defeat the $4.5 million firehouse proposal, endorsed by the Democrats. We came back with a plan that resulted in a new facility that cost $3.3 million, with $300,000 returned to the town. Now that's fiscal integrity.

During those 14 years, the board of finance showed a Republican majority for nine years, most of them with Republican George Jacobsen as chairman, followed by Republican Todd Cole.

The Democrats have never held a majority on the board of finance; for five years, the board has been evenly split, politically. Our relatively low tax rate and our healthy financial situation can be attributed to the conservative nature of our finance board, not to the first selectman or the Democratic party.

This year, Kent Republicans have come up with fresh, innovative ideas -- all subject to approval by the taxpayers -- while the current Democrats are lying on their deceptive laurels, falsely claiming to have been the party in power.

Theirs is a litany of flip-flops, fuzziness, and lack of leadership. "Abdicate and delegate" is the Democratic mantra, and election of Democrats would continue that tradition.

The "party in power" is actually the unaffiliated list of voters, who outnumber both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Running the town of Kent is big business, and we should elect office holders with solid business backgrounds to handle the challenges before us.

If you read the political flyers, you will see that the Republican slate offers proven, experienced public servants for every single office.

Susi Williams