Roses to Mike Morris of New Milford, a longtime resident and career teacher in the Danbury school district who was inducted Saturday into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Mr. Morris is well known and respected throughout the Danbury and New Milford areas for his high school wrestling coaching and officiating. As Danbury High School coach during the 1980s and early 1990s, he laid the foundation for the Hatters' ongoing state title wrestling dynasty. Mr. Morris also was instrumental 11 years ago in starting the New Milford Wrestling Association youth program that has proved a formidable feeder system for New Milford High School's strong interscholastic program. We join Mr. Morris' many area friends and wrestling peers in offering our congratulations on a job well done and our thanks for his countless hours spent enhancing the lives of so many teens and youths. For the story and photographs, see next Friday's Greater New Milford Spectrum.

Thorns to members of the New Milford Board of Finance for failing last week and during previous budget meetings over the course of the winter to live up to their commitment to responsibly serve town residents. Poor attendance by some members of the town's various boards and commissions is nothing new and should weigh heavily in voters' thinking when it comes time for the next municipal election. The inability of the finance board to achieve quorum April 7 on the evening it was to determine the town's final budget to go to referendum was both ill-advised and inexcusable. Those who serve on the board should plan vacations around important budget dates or step down. Those who deign to play games with the process by staging an apparent boycott of the meeting for political purposes should think better of how they serve their community. We hope last week's events are the last of their kind in New Milford. No matter the outcome of Wednesday's makeup meeting, our volunteer civil servants should consider their course of action more wisely in the future.

Roses to the Greater New Milford area's parks and recreation departments, garden clubs and other businesses, organizations and individuals who provide a wide variety of arbor and floral splendor for those of us with brown thumbs to take in as we walk, run, bicycle or drive around the area. Each of The Spectrum's seven towns offers year-round beauty for its residents and visitors but our village centers are especially gorgeous these days with the arrival of spring's full blush.