Roses & Thorns

As school resumes for thousands of young residents of the Greater New Milford area, roses to the hundreds of educators who give so much of themselves to help the children become better students and better people.

A bouquet of roses to New Milford school district "Teacher of the Year" Connie Williams, a second-grade teacher at Northville School in New Milford, and to countless peers who share her passion for teaching our area's youth, year after year, to the best of their ability.

School budgets and enrollment issues may weigh heavily on the minds of many Greater New Milford area residents, but teachers seem to have an uncanny knack for putting those problems aside once they step into the classroom.

For that, we can be thankful and most appreciative.

We wish students, teachers and all other school staff in the Greater New Milford area a most enjoyable, safe and rewarding 2014-15 school year.

Thorns to the stubborn and selfish motorists, unfortunately many of them teens in their formative years as drivers, who still text, engage in phone calls and other distracting activities while driving.

Those who do, and you know to whom we are speaking, are in violation of the law.

If you text or use your phone while driving, you also are placing your own lives, the lives of your passengers, and very much the lives of other motorists and their passengers at risk each and every time.

In spite of more demanding state laws and area police crackdowns, distracted driving still kills thousands each year in the United States.

We respectively ask each and every driver who has the urge to text or engage in a phone call while driving to simply pull over to the side of the road in a safe place and do what you feel needs to be done.

Then, return to driving with 100 percent focus on that task.

We ask family members and friends to let those who disobey this law to stop with the texting and phone calls while driving.

Each of us gets just one chance at this life; let's not throw it away because of something so senseless as distracted driving.

Roses to Paul Hulton, an octogenarian New Milford resident who has spent his lifetime dedicated to his family and his beloved town of New Milford.

He has offered to donate property he owns along Grove Street, between Mill Streets and Bridge Street, to the town to be developed as park in memory of his father, James Hulton.

We thank Mr. Hulton for his kind and generous offer and urge those who attend a Sept. 8 meeting at Town Hall to support his donation.

The Hulton family has contributed most graciously to New Milford many times before and many family members have proven to be loyal and active civic volunteers.

A park in the name of the Hulton family patriarch would therefore be a most fitting testimonial to one of the town's largest and enduring families.