Roses and best wishes for future success to the nearly 500 Greater New Milford-area graduates of New Milford, Shepaug Valley, Housatonic Valley and Wamogo high schools. For more than a dozen years, public education in our neighboring towns has been a way of life for the many graduates. Now it's time for them to go their separate ways. We at The Spectrum hope these young men and women all find a true path to happiness, whether it be in college, the military, the job market or whatever best suits their talents and inclinations.

Thorns to the tragic loss of life in Saturday's drownings at Candlewood Lake and on the Housatonic River at Bull's Bridge. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the victims' loved ones. We encourage water enthusiasts to employ common sense, care and proper advanced planning to help ensure safe and enjoyable use of our lakes, rivers and ponds this summer.

Roses to the state Department of Transportation, New Milford Public Works and especially Dayton Construction for nearing completion of the Grove Street/Route 67 realignment close to the schedule they set at the project's start in 2009. While we are not convinced the intersection will actually facilitate traffic flow to any dramatic degree, it surely will rectify some safety concerns. All parties deserve credit for moving along a complicated and multi-faceted project.