Roses to the New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation for its longtime advocacy for the preservation of the wonderful houses and other buildings throughout New Milford's village center.

The Trust recently finished a survey of the many Aspetuck Hill historic houses and buildings, complementing a downtown district study done more than 30 years ago (see Page S15 Spectrum Images and visit

Aspetuck Hill is rich in history and those who built the beautiful homes there deserve to be remembered for their role in the development of New Mlford.

Thanks to the Trust and its dedicated volunteer members, the community is taking important steps to secure its past as it looks forward to a promising future.

Very sharp thorns indeed to those persons who commited the vandalism during the Labor Day weekend on the historic bridge at Lover's Leap State Park.

Much effort and planning must have been needed to move the metal panels found displaced on the deck of the bridge.

No thanks to the thoughtless and shameful work of said vandals, the bridge is closed to foot traffic and likely will be for some time.

That's sad, since the park is well used by both Greater New Milford-area residents and tourists, and the 19th-century bridge is the highlight of the park.

We hope the bridge can be repaired soon, just as we hope the vandals are caught and punished appropriately for their actions.

Thorns, too, to the countless drivers, both adult and teen, who persist in texting and talking on their phones while driving.

No time is a good time to be doing that, but the potential for accidents is exacerbated with schools back in session.

It is illegal to text while driving; more than that, it is purely and simply stupid.

We ask drivers to use common sense and to obey the law.

For passengers aboard a vehicle with a texting driver, demand he or she stop immediately.

It's for everyone's good.