A bouquet of roses to the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce and the Village Fairs Days committee for hosting a wonderful two-day event in late July.

The weather was superb, too, which certainly helped.

The fair was a success from opening ceremony to closing hours thanks to the countless time put in by co-Chairmen Bob Hanna and Darren Piper, chamber Executive Director Denise Del Mastro and many volunteers who contributed in the planning and execution of the event.

The Village Fair Days is the town's biggest event each year and once again has served to proudly represent our vibrant downtown in particular and the wonderful community in general in a positive, enjoyable fashion.

Thorns to those few but persistent patrons of the Village Fair Days who ignore well-publicized and posted regulations asking visitors not to bring animals to the fair.

We hope those of you who did so this year will not do so again, and will caution others who intend to bring dogs or other animals to the fair that it is just isn't the proper place to walk the dog.

Roses to Bank Street Investments and particularly to owner Gary Goldring, of Sherman, for their investment efforts in the New Milford village center.

The clock tower just unveiled atop 2 Bank St., at the corner of Main and Bank streets, serves as a tasteful exclamation point for a series of renovations achieved in recent years by Goldring and his business.

There likely will be more to come but, for the moment, we who love the village center and appreciate its importance to the town of New Milford and the area, offer our thanks for a job well done.