Back in January, NASCAR decided to put racing back in the drivers' hands.

NASCAR's vice president of competition, Robin Pemberton, told the drivers, "Boys, have at it."

The drivers have obviously heard that call and are taking it literally.

There are so many rivalries going on right now that it's hard to keep track of who's mad at whom, so let me refresh your memory.

After the race at Sonoma two weeks ago, it was hard to find a driver that wasn't mad at Jeff Gordon.

At some point in the race he hit just about everyone except for the pace car.

Martin Truex was one of them and vowed he would pay Gordon back.

Gordon has even had some run-ins with his teammate, Jimmie Johnson.

Speaking of teammates, a lot of them have been trading paint lately.

Jamie McMurray and Juan Pablo Montoya, Kyle Busch and Dennie Hamlin, and Kasey Kahne and A.J. Allmendiger have all had incidents this year.

Does it seem like Joey Lagano is being picked on, or is it just me?

He's been dumped by Greg Biffle, Kevin Harvick and, most recently, Montoya, for no good reason.

Lagano is known to be the quiet kid that would never retaliate because he doesn't race that way.

But that's all starting to change and young Joey is starting to get in the faces of these guys.

Some other feuds to keep an eye on are Carl Edwards and Harvick, Montoya and Tony Stewart, Brad Keselowski and Dennie Hamlin, Keselowski and Edwards, and Kyle Busch and Jeff Burton.

Yeah, even Jeff Burton. That's how out of control the "have at it" has become.

Rivalries are really good for this sport and it's been making for some great racing, but I hope when these guys decide to give some payback, they choose the place and time wisely, or it could get ugly.

The Sprint Cup guys are in Daytona Saturday night at 7 :30 p.m.

Stafford Motor Speedway: SK modifieds -- Chris Jones (22nd); SK lights -- David Webb 6th).

Whip City Speedway: Peter Dance (3rd).

Lebanon Valley Speedway: Sportsman -- Kyle Armstrong (3rd).