To the Editor:

"My dreams have turned to a wall of stone, line by line, row by row.

"Fallen warriors lost in troubled times.

"An age of innocence, rumors of war, young lives denied.

"Blood and thunder, hear the angry heavens weep.

"Reach out and touch the rain, legions of angels marking time, wearing soft veils of tears.

"Not all is silent now, listen dark shadows speak.

"A time for healing, don't try to understand, man's greatest sacrifice, God's gift, not ours to keep.

"Embrace the darkness, where sadness sleeps.

"Mirrored faces, side by side, starring back, black wall of pain.

"Fear not the pain is gone, their souls have come to rest.

"The journey ended, our Lord calleth their names.

"Farewell stranger, remember them, now and forever in your heart and in your prayers.

"Pray for gentler times.

"A mother's son, only a memory now.

"Whisper his name, forget them not."

These thoughts were written in memory of L/Cpl Norman Spenard, USMC 1965.

Ray Kozak