To the Editor:

Despite terrible weather Oct. 18, the Kent Energy and Environmental Task Force (KEETF) Green Tour was well attended.

Forty souls braved constant rain and even some sleet to learn about various solar energy systems and energy conservation options that their neighbors are employing.

KEETF wishes to thank the several people who contributed to the day's success.

They included homeowners Pat and Shirley Howe, Wes and Nancy O'Dea Wyrick, Mark Lenz and Andy Vadnais, headmaster of South Kent School, all of whom generously shared their time and vision with both neighbors and strangers.

The businesses, Kent Coffee and Chocolate Co., the Villager Restaurant and Bain Real Estate were kind enough to make the tickets for the tour easily available.

The professionals, Ian Hochstetter of Hammersmith, Inc. in Sharon, Ray Furse of Alteris Renewables in Warren and Bill Seguin of Seguin Heating and Air in New Milford stood by to help explain the systems on view.

And finally the volunteers, Mike Augusta, Rich Chavka, Hazel Garrity, Chris Harrington, Norm Mosher and Wendy Murphy, staffed the sites and managed parking in cold, wet conditions without a complaint and were, as volunteers always are, indispensable.

The day was wonderful because of their generosity and we thank them all.

Karren Garrity


Austi Brown

Green tour organizer