To the Editor:

Attorney Terry Pellegrini could do a great service to the town by organizing and operating a much-needed legal aid society, sponsored by the New Milford Bar Association.

Such a society operated quite effectively headquartered in the New Milford Public Library several years ago.

Today, society is faced with financial problems -- home foreclosure, bankruptcy, unemployment -- while the legal profession is doing well.

Just put your foot in a law office and burp and you will be charged under the doctrine of billable hours.

When you leave the world you can't take it with you -- so why not we of the legal profession leave a little of our time and energy to helping the needy.

I was born in New Milford in 1920, was raised here, attended the schools, which in those days were outstanding, and fell in love with the town.

The people are (still) friendly, caring, generous and outgoing.

When the Senior Center asks for food donations, it becomes flooded with food.

Services to the homeless are outstanding, thanks to Social Services, the churches and the homeless association.

The town has the longest and most beautiful Green in New England, surrounded with attractive churches with spires pointing to heaven proclaiming "There is a God!"

When I was involved with New England School of Photography we attracted the top professional photographers who raved about the beauty of New Milford.

My advice to those who find the town unattractive is shut up or leave town.

I believe our local government with its outstanding Mayor Murphy is superb.

No one is better qualified and understands local issues better than the Town Council, who were elected in a democratic-republican fashion.

The aggressive opposition led by John Lillis over the years served a much-needed purpose to provide opposition and balance in a democracy.

If you criticize the government in China you can be jailed or executed.

Actually, there is very little wrong with our town government -- the best in the world -- that cannot be remedied without sending our town down the drain.

Harry Cohen

New Milford