To the Editor:

I have been following the various articles regarding the Facebook subject since it first appeared in the News-Times back on Oct. 8 and I must say I am totally confused as to why it is taking the school administration so long to complete its "investigation" into the incident.

First, let's review the facts: the two students involved admit what they did, were expelled and arrested as well.

The two students apparently posted what they did on Facebook due to a lack of followup by both the girl's teacher and Assistant Principal Gerry Robinson into alleged threatening remarks by a third male student to the girl.

This boy has also been arrested and charged by the New Milford police but the administration has not taken any action against this student.

Here is why I am so confused: why is it taking so long to determine if the teacher and Mr. Robinson did their jobs or not regarding the schools enforcement of the bullying and harassment policies?

If not, why? And, what is the administration going to do about it?

If they did do their jobs, why don't they just come out and say so? Seems like simple questions to me.

It appears three months is not enough time for Superintendent of Schools JeanAnn Paddyfote to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the two mothers of the expelled students.

It did not take this long, if you remember, for Superintendent Paddyforte to fire a well-respected teacher in the high school two years ago for enforcing the school's policy on cell phones, so why so long now?

I am also confused as to why the chairman of the Board of Education does not make a comment on the situation besides she knows no specifics about the mother's complaint, but she said the board expects all parental complaints to be addressed in a professional fashion and all students to be treated equitably.

What a copout.

As a voter in New Milford, I expect you to know of a situation like this, especially since it has appeared in the paper at least four times now.

It just seems Superintendent Paddyfote has not handled this internal personal issues in a timely manner.

Still not convinced on this point?

Just this past summer, there was a young man who thought he was hired to be the new band director for the high school.

Not only did he think he was hired but the band parents seemed to think so as well and he had begun to make plans for the upcoming school year.

Yet it turned out he was not hired. How does someone think he was hired but was not?

Seems like there is truly a disconnect in the superintendent's office.

Does everyone know we are paying for tutors for the two expelled students?

I mention this because, in a few months, Superintendent Paddyfote will be crying poverty when it comes to the schools budget.

Based on my estimation of the number of hours the students get tutored and an average of $50 per hour for the tutor, we could have hired a teacher for the school year and have taught 100 students instead of just two.

The two students currently expelled need to be re-instated and the one student who started it all, if he is found culpable, well he needs to be the expelled one.

Three months is too long in this situation. Answer the simple question, did they do their jobs or not?

If not, do what is right.

Karl Myers

New Milford