To the Editor:

Good for Terry Pellegrini to intelligently lay out a critique of New Milford, based upon years of experience and observation.

Politics should be put aside for the sake of the town and its future, and citizens should lead the way.

I live in New Preston but choose to do much of my shopping in New Milford, rather than going north.

There are very good services, the hospital, library, doctors and nurses and large stores. But getting around at times can be a nightmare, especially in the area of Veterans Memorial Bridge.

The new Route 7 and the construction at Route 67 bring traffic into a stopped up funnel.

Yes, and the approach to the beautiful town green is ugly coming over the bridge.

I hope leadership emerges to address these problems and the mess along Route 7.

Now is your chance New Milford.

The state has done its part and it is up to the people of New Milford to make good things happen.

Betty Sutter

New Preston