Praises 'passionate' attorney in lake crash suit

To the Editor:

I would like to commend Attorney Agostinho Ribeiro for representing the speedboat piloted by a drunk captain involved in the crash that resulted in the tragic death of one of his passengers.

What Mr. Ribeiro sees, and what we should all see, is that operating a boat while drunk and not following maritime rules was not the cause of this tragedy.

The cause was, in fact, operating a bass fishing boat while sober and obeying the rules, but having only a New York state boating license and not a Connecticut one.

I would also praise Mr. Ribeiro for the scope and number of defendants who are being sued. I would politely advise him to consider increasing the suit to include the liquor store, for being stupid enough for allowing the drunk speedboat driver the resources to get drunk, as well as the oil company that provided the fuel that made the speedboat go so fast (cross your fingers it's BP!).

Suing the fish is not unreasonable, but collecting a settlement might be tough.

Finally, it's nice to see an attorney who fights for what's right and shows true passion for a cause.

It is obvious to me that Mr. Ribeiro is fiercely concerned with water safety and his single goal is to increase public awareness.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if he donates his portion of any potential settlement to Candlewood Lake Association to ensure this never happens again.

Bravo, Mr. Ribeiro, you are a shining light in a tarnished profession.

Carl D'Andrea