To the Editor:

Spring has bought us some momentary moral clarity this year in Litchfield County.

Starting on the first day of spring, peace and justice activists returned to the Litchfield Green, after a two-year hiatus, to mark the eighth anniversary of the Bush/Obama, non-sensical wars on Iraq and other countries in that region, and in support of our brave men and women who are continually put in harm's way by these two men, and in support of our fellow workers, and against budget cuts.

The activists decided to continue their vigils each month in a different Litchfield County town.

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Later that same week, geneticist and human rights activist Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh returned to Litchfield County to speak about his latest book on Palestine at the Oliver Wolcott Library. The event was sponsored by Stanley Heller and the Middle East Crisis Committee of New Haven.

Stanley Heller described Mazin as "the most aggressively pacifistic man I know."

In 2004, Dr. Qumsiyeh spoke about his first book on Israel-Palestine, called "Sharing the Land of Canaan" at the Gunn Memorial Library and Museum in Washington.

People then repeatedly had asked why they weren't hearing this point of view in American media outlets, given the fact American taxpayers spend billions over there, and continually put our young men and women in harm's way there, too.

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On that same day, Dr. Nan Taylor of UConn spoke at the Gunn Memorial Library & Museum on bullying and human rights in an event sponsored by the ACLU Northwest Connecticut chapter.

They will sponsor two more events on bullying entitled Your Have The Right To Be Yourself.

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Finally, at UConn in Torrrington, the Litchfield County Writers Project started a program on the voices of imprisoned authors, as part of a series entitled Freedom to Write.

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Kudos to UConn, the Oliver Wendell and Gunn Memorial libraries and the town of Litchfield for allowing us to voice our concerns to our fellow citizens, while our elected leaders, Wall Street and the American media tend to ignore us more and more each day, at their own peril.

So let freedom ring across the land.

Joseph A. Mustich