To the Editor:

Recently, I had the unfortunate pleasure of surgery. It's not exactly a wonderful experience.

What did make it better though was having the procedure performed at New Milford Hospital one-day surgery center. I have never met a group of people more dedicated in providing comfort and assurance than the staff at the surgery center.

From the moment I walked into the lobby, all the way through to being helped into my car for the ride home, the entire staff made me feel completely at ease.

Words can't describe the gentle, friendly and professional nature shown to me that day. Every person that I came into contact with, I feel, truly had my well being at the top of his or her list.

It's not often such a talented and well-organized group of people work together for a common cause. To me, they went above and beyond what I would have expected.

To them, they were probably just doing their jobs. And they are good at it. Everyone from the admitting nurse to the surgeons.

Whatever woes have affected New Milford Hospital in the past must have skipped the one day surgery center.

I apologize in not remembering all of their names, but I'll always remember the high quality of service given that day.

George Sam

New Milford