To the Editor:

I wish to urge residents to vote for councilman Roger Szendy.

As an incumbent councilman he attends many events, whether it's a ribbon cutting at a new local business or a school sporting event.

He has taken the time to learn all the ins and outs of our town government.

While you don't always see his name in the papers, he is constantly working behind the scenes to resolve a resident's problem or tend to a complaint.

In fact, he has gotten so good at this that I know of several instances where other councilmen have turned to him to resolve complaints they've received because they know Roger knows who to call.

Roger also puts in time on many of our town's other committees, serving as vice chairman of the POCD Updated Committee, on the Ambulance Building Committee and on the Charter Revision Committee, among others.

Not only does he attend these meetings but spends many hours between meetings researching various issues or discussing them with town department heads.

As vice chairman of the town council, Roger is also responsible for filling in for the mayor when she is unavailable.

As a local businessman, Roger also understands the town budget. Those who know him know just how frugal he is.

But he also believes you have to spend money to make money.... being cheap won't get the job done.

He is so committed to New Milford that, since Roger's early days as chairman of the Planning Commission, you can count the meetings he's missed on one hand and have fingers left over.

And while there have been times I haven't agreed with him, I do know he listens to everyone, is always fair and, most importantly, is honest.

Roger Szendy is an effective town councilman, has always put New Milford first and deserves to be re-elected.

Stephen Herchick

New Milford