To the Editor:

We would like to take this opportunity at Thanksgiving time to write a letter of thankful commendation for each of the following New Milford police officers, Kevin O'Neill, Michael LaFonde, Brian Bollero and Sgt. John Pecha, for their caring assistance and concern to our family, above and beyond the call of duty on Oct. 12.

We suffered a family tragedy that morning and these officers were considerate, compassionate and sincerely genuine in their looking out for our welfare on that day of our grief.

We do not know all of the New Milford Police Department officers but, if the others are anything like these gentlemen, the people of the town of New Milford are in good hands.

They are not only a credit to the police department, but to the whole town.

Congratulations to you, Chief McCormack, for having the foresight to have this caliber of men on the New Milford police force.

Thanks again to the officers and to you, Chief.

Jim and Cathy


New Milford