Praises Jean Bandler as 'qualified' to run in Bridgewater

To the Editor:

The recent Democratic and Republican caucuses in Bridgewater endorsed the same candidate for a position on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Surprisingly, the Democratic caucus selected a Republican-endorsed candidate over the incumbent, Jean Bandler. She sought the position, but lost a narrow vote, 31 to 29 ,at the caucus.

Jean Bandler is the current vice chairman, with more than 10 years' experience as an alternate and full member. She has won the respect of her fellow commissioners and applicants for her expertise, integrity, fairness and careful application of the rules.

As a consequence of the caucus nominations, citizens of the town do not have the option of voting for Jean in November. This is a serious loss to the voters. Whenever there is no choice on a ballot, democracy suffers a blow.

While I am a Republican, I do not think there is a Democratic, Republican or unaffiliated approach to zoning laws. I am simply sorry to see such a qualified candidate denied the opportunity to run in November.

I am writing to urge that she consider running for re-nomination in the primary election, or as an independent candidate. People who agree that she should run should contact her directly and offer their support.

Strother Purdy