(Editor's Note: The following is an open letter from New Milford parent Amber Langlois to the Board of Education, Town Council and the public concerning lunches served in New Milford schools.)

Another argument with my 6-year-old this morning... you see, as a first-grader she doesn't understand why I don't want her to eat the meals provided by our school cafeteria.

At the beginning of the year, we allowed her to purchase a daily hot lunch, because I get it, all her friends do, and I always enjoyed eating a hot meal during the day myself.

When I started asking her what she had for lunch during the day, I was horrified -- "pizza bites," or "mozzarella sticks" -- seriously?

Do we really think these choices are the best nourishment for the little, growing, developing minds and bodies in our schools?

I am not even going to address the issues of childhood obesity, type II diabetes, etc. that are having devastating effects on our nation's children, but I have to say I am shocked our school system has taken this far below standard approach to school lunches.

I know our school system was really proud of introducing the chef salad as a healthy alternative but, I ask you, what 6-year-old is opting for the chef salad when they are tantalized with gooey, fried mozzarella sticks?

I explained to our daughter that eating lunch at her school is not healthy, that they are serving processed, inexpensive food loaded with high fructose corn syrup, fillers and chemicals... the equivalent to eating fast food everyday, maybe worse.

Her reply, "Why would my school do that when we spend so much time learning about being healthy?"

My thoughts exactly.

A recent article detailed Michelle Obama's initiative to make school lunches healthy. Until our schools get with the program and seek to nourish the whole child (not just the mind), I guess my only option is to continue arguing with my daughter... and packing brown bag lunches.

Amber Langlois

New Milford