To the Editor:

Born and raised in New Milford, I still love my hometown. It is so pretty and charming.

I have served [in the United States Navy] on all seven continents and sailed on four of the seven seas.... not many places like New Milford.

So many memories. Although I have not resided there permanently for some time, I like to check in once in a while.

I've been tracking the Lone Sailor issue for some time. It appears to have come up against a few issues.

I'm probably going to sound prejudiced but, oh well. I trust we still have a constitution that allows me that freedom. Anyway, having served 30-plus years in the U.S. Navy, I think I have a few words to say on the issue.

First, no other vets from other services should feel offended. The Lone Sailor is on the front burner at present and needs to be dealt with.

If the Lone Sailor is nixed by the mayor and the Parks & Recreation folks, will other vets groups have a ghost of a chance getting a memorial in the future?

I've got a couple of ideas for anyone who is tracking this issue and wants to see it come to fruition:

1) Put the Admiral Knapp monument on the property his family left to the town and put the Lone Sailor in its place;

2) Put the Lone Sailor on the New Milford Historical Society property;

3) Put them side by side on the Village Green (all ranks from admiral to seaman would be covered);

4) I like this one -- put the Lone Sailor on Patriots Way down by the tracks, near the 9/11 memorial. Military folks died that day also.

Why not share that part of New Milford with all those who are serving, protecting and defending us and those who have?

I reckon there is room enough for all to share that area. It would leave the Green less crowded for the fairs, concerts, etc.

One last note for all you vets, this question: When's the last time you thanked a cop or firefighter for serving, protecting and generally taking care of your family while you were serving overseas?

Tim O'Connor

United States Navy