Right around Christmas time, I enjoy writing a poem about NASCAR.

It's usually done to " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas," but, this year, I want to try something different.

What you'll be reading is done to "Jingle Bells" so, don't just read it; you need to sing it, just like the song, or it won't make a lot of sense.

I will warn you ahead of time, this is goofy, so I hope you have a sense of humor.

Here we go ...

"Dashing through the garage, in a pretty Chevrolet, on the track we go, speeding all the way, spotters in the sky, praying all the time, oh what fun it must be to race a car that's mine.

Oh, jingle bells, Kurt Busch smells, he lost his ride today, oh what fun it would be if he doesn't get to run.

Oh, jingle bells, Kyle Busch smells, I wish he'd go away, oh what fun it must be to drive his car side ways.

A day or two ago, Dale Junior took a ride, he only wishes he had, Jeff Gordon by his side, in an Earnhardt Chevrolet, the car it looks real mean, but he doesn't really care, it's his favorite machine.

Oh, jingle bells, Jimmie Johnson smells, he's a cheater all the way, oh what fun it would be for me, if he crashes every day.

Oh, jingle bells, Carl Edwards smells, he thought he'd be the champ, oh what fun it is to see Tony Stewart win it all.

Oh, jingle bells, NASCAR smells, they can't fill the stands, oh what fun it would be, to see a sell-out.

Oh, jingle bells, I have to go, Daytona's on its way, oh what fun it would be, if Junior could win one."

To all of you out there, happy holidays!

Only 65 more days 'til the Daytona 500.