Every year, about this far into the racing season, I write what I like and don't like about NASCAR.

So, here it is for this season:

-I like the double-file restarts, and the fact the leader of the race gets to choose if he wants to start on the inside or outside pole. That has made for some interesting restarts.

-I don't like the "wave around." I found the best description of that rule from an online user at answers.yahoo.com.

"Any cars that don't pit during a caution, get waived around the pace car before they go back to green, and joins the back of the field behind lap down cars, and get one of their laps back," the user said.

-And I don't like the "Lucky Dog" rule either. That's when the first driver one lap down gets his/ her lap back when the caution comes out.

-NASCAR makes me mad when they throw the caution flag for debris and there isn't any.

-I like the "have at it, boys" when it's not being abused by someone.

By now I'm sure anyone who follows NASCAR knows Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski have been "at it," again.

On the final lap of the Nationwide race at Gateway in Illinois, Keselowski slid up the track, slightly touching Edwards' car, and took the lead.

So, coming down the straightaway for the checkered flag, Edwards ran hard into the back corner panel of Keselowski's car and sent him spinning.

Keselowski's car came back across the track and was violently hit by several other cars. He was fine.

Some of the drivers and fans wanted to know when has a driver taken "have at it" too far?

Everyone waited for four days to hear if NASCAR would penalize the drivers.

And the verdict is -- both drivers are now on probation in all of the NASCAR series and Edwards and his car owner, Jack Roush, were both docked 60 points each and Edwards was fined $25,000.

I think those fines and penalties answer the question when a driver has crossed the line. Carl did.

The Sprint Cup guys are at Pocono on Sunday.


Lebanon Valley Speedway: Kyle Armstrong (2nd).

Stafford Motor Speedway was rained out.